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Our Permanent Fans Guarantee

Orders are covered by our Permanent Fans Guarantee. These fans are guaranteed and any lost fans will be replaced free of charge for the duration of your campaign.

Thousands of Companies Rely on Boostlikes (Yes, we really do work with them)

Are these followers real people and profiles?

Yes. We work hard to find real people to follow your profile. We don't incentivize users to follow our client's pages, nor do we use clickfarms/bots/scripts to follow our clients pages.

Can you target specific countries with this service?

Yes. Our standard package is un-targeted, which means you may receive Twitter followers from other countries other than your own. Unfortunately we don't support country targeting to any other country at this time, but you're more than welcome to order our standard Twitter services to increase your followers.

Will I receive any "Egg" or fake profile followers?

A small handful of lower quality followers is to be expected with any growth campaign; after all, more than 10% of Twitter is comprised of fake accounts. However, the large majority of the fans we help you acquire will be high quality fans with complete profiles, not "Egg" profiles (profiles with no profile photo and little information filled out in their bio). We aim to keep the quality of our service as high as possible.

Is this safe for my Twitter account?

Yes, it's completely safe. We've never had a client's account banned or hurt in any way by using our marketing services. If this were the case, it would be easy to take down your competition by buying followers to their profiles and have their profiles removed (and Twitter realizes this). You'll never get banned by getting more followers, especially real followers like ours.

Can you help profiles become verified?

Yes. It's much easier for a larger profile to become verified than it is for a smaller one, and we've helped several celebrities and music artists get a head start on the growth of their Twitter profile and eventually go on to become Twitter verified. We recommend having at least 100,000 followers to solidify your chances of becoming verified, as its significantly easier once your profile is that large.

How long do these followers last for?

The followers we help our clients acquire will last for life. If for any reason you lose a handful of followers, we'll replenish them, free of charge. Our Twitter services have the highest retention rate in the industry, topping some of the largest Twitter follower providers in the world. We take pride in our work.

How many followers should I start with?

The larger your order, the greater of a discount we give. Our most popular by far is our 10,000 follower campaigns and our 50,000 follower campaigns due to the pricing discount at those tiers. For businesses and personal accounts alike, it's also a solid number of followers to have (both are significant milestones to accomplish on the social network).

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