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Are these real people viewing my YouTube video?

Yes. Unlike imitators, we help our clients get real views on their YouTube video, not fake/bot/proxy views. Our views are guaranteed to stick for life, and are safe and effective to use. Our services are trusted by thousands of companies around the world.

Why should I buy views?

There are actually more reasons to buy views than almost any other social network. First, social proof. Having more views makes it more likely for new visitors to share the video, as people feel more confident sharing a video that is universally liked versus an obscure video that not many people have seen (which is more of a personal vouch). Second, SEO. Videos with more views tend to rank better on search engines, as Google favors videos that are larger and more authoritative over smaller lesser-known videos. Lastly, YouTube rankings. Videos with more views and engagement rank better within YouTube's search function, and that means that you'll receive more views from within YouTube itself from users that are searching for videos with the search bar.

Will these views stick?

Yes. Our YouTube views have the highest retention rate in the industry, and will not disappear suddenly by the thousands overnight like the views that some of our competitors deliver. We find real humans to view your video, and we promote your video until it's reached the quota that we've promised. Lastly, we back our views with a lifetime guarantee that they will remain on your video.

Do these views come in all at once or slowly?

Your views will not come in all at once. They come in slowly at some points and fast at others, which is what YouTube expects for most videos (a natural flow of views). If we were to send views to your account at steady increments throughout the day from similar looking IPs with similar browsing habits, it would trip all sorts of red flags. Instead, we use cutting edge techniques and traditional social media marketing efforts to drive real human page views to your video to increase your view count.

Will these views help my video rank better?

Yes. As your video gets more views and engagement, your video will naturally start to rank better on search engines and within the YouTube search engine itself.

Is there any harm in buying views?

No. We've never had a clients account banned from using our services, and we guarantee all of our services for life. We don't use bots or fake visitors (both of which are against YouTube's terms of service), and only send real human views to your video.

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