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What are Facebook website likes?

If you have a webpage that has a little blue "Like" button on it, it can likely be shared to increase that number. Simply place an order with the URL you'd like to promote, and you'll start to see the number on that like button increase.

Why are website likes important?

Having a high number of website likes is a fantastic form of social proof. People tend to trust websites that have a lot of likes more than a site that has very few likes, which makes it an easy trust signal to grow. Trust signals are proven help improve your conversion rate and your sales, and websites with a higher number of likes tend to be liked more by people. Lastly, some SEO experts theorize that having a high number of likes on your website is beneficial for your website's rankings.

Will these website likes last for life?

Yes. We guarantee all of our services, and any website likes we help you acquire will stick for life. Many of our competitors sell website likes that will drop off after 1 or 2 months, but this is not the case with our service.

If I buy website likes for a page with a Facebook page plugin on it, will my fans increase?

No. The number of likes for the URL you provide will increase, but if there is a Facebook page plugin on your page, your Facebook fans for that page will not increase; you'll need to order Facebook likes for that fan page if you're looking for page likes. Not sure what a page plugin is? Here's a link.

I ordered website likes but the button didn't change; why?

This could have happened for a few reasons, but the most common is your Facebook button is not pointing to the URL that you supplied when you placed your order. Check your button code to make sure it's pointing to the correct page that you supplied us. If everything appears okay, please send us a note through our contact form and we'll take a look for you. In at least 90% of the cases where this is reported, the issue boils down to a simple code change (it can be as simple as linking to https instead of http, or having one character off). At any rate, if you can't figure it out, drop us a line and we'll fix it for you.

How can I see how many website likes I have?

The easiest way is installing a website like button on your website that you placed your order for. You can do that by visiting Facebook's like button page and generating a like button for your website. Lastly, copy that Facebook like button code into your website's HTML (or have your website developer do it for you), and your total number of website likes will be displayed. Viola!

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